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    Hi All,

    After years of lusting for a MAC I finally got fed up enough with the dark side and picked up a MacBooK Pro. I also have and iPod Touch. Can anyone tell how I can sync -- via cable -- my todo list on the Mac with the Touch. Seems like Calendar and Notes sync fine but no todo list. If i need to purchase an app or another program I would appreciate any suggestions. I'm not looking to getting into Cloud or any online stuff if at all possible. I just want something to sync when I connect the iPod to the laptop.

    Thanks Much,

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    I only tried out the todo lists built into the OS recently. I added todos into and then did a sync. They show up in the iPhone Notes program as notes, and I think they will also show up in the calendar.

    I'm really not happy with the way they work. The best todo list app I've found so far is TaskPaper, but that requires you buy the desktop & iPhone app and install free software that lets you sync to the cloud.

    One nice thing: the iPhone app is $4.99 and they give you a coupon for $5 off the desktop version when you buy the iPhone version. At least that's how it was when I bought it.

    I've heard good things about both OmniFocus and Things but those are both much pricier and seem overly complicated compared to Taskpaper.

    Try them all, see which ones you like best! They all have free demos of the desktop versions.

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