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    Arrow Switching ITunes from PC to Mac
    I have tried many other ways of doing this but none worked well, so here is my way..
    I did this using an external hard drive where i now store my music. I also have my music files on manual update, so i take care of all the files names and organization.
    To switch your itunes library from pc to mac use the following instructions.

    1. copy all your music to the mac/external hard drive exactly as it is on your pc.
    2. copy the itunes folder from my documents/my music (or similar) to the mac/hd.
    3. once that is all done, eject and plug the hard drive into your mac.
    4. open itunes on your mac. if you dont have anything added to the library it should be blank.
    5. open the preferences and go to the advanced tab. change the ITUNES MUSIC FOLDER LOCATION to the folder where all your music is on the hard drive.
    6. close itunes.
    7. go to the itunes folder on the mac, should be in the music folder. delete the 2 itunes music library files
    7. go to the itunes folder on the hard drive (the one copied from the pc)
    8. copy the "ITunes Music Library.itl" and bring it over to the itunes folder on your mac and paste it there.
    9. open itunes and everthing should be good to go. you do not need the itunes music library.xml as it is recreated when you open itunes.

    using this method allows you to keep all the info from the other library, including play counts, last played, ratings, etc.

    if you have any problems let me know and i will edit this post so it is correct.

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    i think its correct, but my method was alittle different.

    see in windows, for some reason (for me atleast) you can play a directory. So i just had an MP3 folder. When it came time to move to mac, i just clicked and dragged every last song into the itunes window. It sorted them all into a simple iTunes folder i could take anywhere.

    so yes your post is correct.
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    don't switch
    leave everything formatted for windows. it isn't worth the hassle switching over to the mac platform. i did and was it a pain!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fco1922
    leave everything formatted for windows. it isn't worth the hassle switching over to the mac platform. i did and was it a pain!
    i didnt have to format anything. my ipod is still formated for windows but now syncs off my mac no problem. didnt have to re-add any music to it. I wrote this for people who are getting rid of thier pc. all the ways i have read on how to do it didnt work properly, so here is a way that works.

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    I use my Ipod as a hdd switching my files from the pc to mac...and vice versa...its not hard or difficult. my fiancee uses windows for her ipod and im using mac for mine. so i constantly keep both computers upto date with the same files.

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