Hi All,

I'm now getting used to my mac, and working out how to set up a smooth workflow for photography. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum - Mods: please feel free to move this!

Having played around a bit, I'd like to use Preview to look at the photos I've just transferred from a memory card (since I like being able to use the zoom / pan gestures on my MBP).

To make this a bit smoother, I set up an automator service which filters a folder for just the camera raw files, and opens them in Preview (I can't do a simple CMD-A and "open with", since I also have movie files, and movie thumbnails in the folder).

So far so good - that works fine!

The next step: I would like to easily identify or edit the pics I actually want to do something further with - I think there are two options, either of which I'd like to implement as services menu options within Preview:

1) Open my raw editing software (Canon DPP in my case) with the current displayed file.

2) Create a folder called "Keepers" (or similar!) in the folder where the current image is. Save a copy of the current image there. Then I can later browse the new folder with DPP, and edit those files.

Does anyone have any info or tutorials which might help me to move forward? I quite enjoy the challenge of new programming languages etc, but I'm not really sure where to start with Applescript!

Alternatively, any experience with different workflows would be appreciated!

Thanks for any info!