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    I am looking into making the switch. Everyone I speak with loves their Mac! So there is something to be said about the product. Here is what i am looking for:

    A good reliable computer to get me through 2 1/2 years of Grad school. Nothing fancy, just using word,pp, and things of that nature for papers and presentations. I also want to be able to use it for enterainment on long nights on call, and in between classes. So as you figured i dont need anything to blow my socks off. I am considering the MBP and MB. I would like to have some HD space so I have found bang for the buck looks like an Aluminum case(cause im not a fan of white) MB with more memory. Also I am looking into refurb, cause its cheaper.

    As people who know their stuff here, any recommendations? MB over MBP? New over Refurb? Just a few simple questions looking to get answers too. I am leaning toward a MBP 13 in with the 250gb HD.

    Also on a side note: I spoke with Apple on the phone, i know at one time they were offering iPod Touch with a purchase, well now they are offering $100 off printers. I do not need a printer any chance you think i can negotiate a Touch with them?

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    Like you said, you are not a fan of the white Macbook, so I think you should go with the Macbook Pro, definitely. I am using an old white Macbook, and there are many problems that come along with the external enclosure design. Even with the new unibody design, I doubt some of the problems are solved. I'd personally go for the new aluminum ones, since they provide a lot more horsepower.

    And as for a brand new Macbook Pro versus a refurbished one, it depends on how far your budget can stretch. There are people here who are going to swear on refurbished computers, and they will tell you that they are perfectly OK as compared to their brand new counterparts. If you are OK with the concept of refurbished units, you could go ahead and buy it. I personally like mine to be brand new, so I've never actually gone in that direction.

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    The "get a free iPod Touch" promotion was last year. They may repeat it again this year, but that's not a promise.

    A refurbed CURRENT MODEL MacBook Pro is absolutely the best deal out there at the moment.

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    I have seen rumors about a new laptop coming out this summer, should I wait it out or does it matter? I am not going to buy new either way. But I did not want to wait and miss an opportunity if that makes sense. I just need it by the first of July, whichever I choose.

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    Considering the fact that Apple just updated the entire MacBook Pro line a couple weeks ago, a refresh this summer seems highly unlikely.

    And just in case you're wondering, I purchased a white MacBook a little over two years ago and it has suited my needs (which are quite similar to yours) extremely well. A MacBook Pro ought to be just the ticket for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by murse13 View Post

    As people who know their stuff here, any recommendations? MB over MBP? New over Refurb? Just a few simple questions looking to get answers too. I am leaning toward a MBP 13 in with the 250gb HD.
    We have two refurbished laptops in our house and a refurbished ipod touch 2nd Gen. I have nothing but good things to say about the refurbished products. Certainly saved a lot of money on them.

    I do not like the white mac book, which my wife has. Its just ugly. I have the black model with extra HD space.

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