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    Two simple problems but its annoying me
    1st and fore-mostly my main problem is:-
    I am filling in a form I was emailed and i've opened it up in pages, I have got to a section where I have to type my phone number. For some reason when I finish typing it and click off the field, Pages automatically deletes the zero from the start of my number. How do I stop it from doing this?

    Secondly, My mac when I put it to sleep, often when I try to wake it, it does not respond, i.e Press the mouse button, keyboard or button at the back. But nothing happens. I end up having to hold down the power button at the back and just restart the mac.

    Any help,advice on either problems would be greatly appreciated.



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    1. I have Pages '08 - with the cursor in that cell of the table - I assume it's a table - open the Inspector - click on the Table icon in the Inspector, the title will change - select the Format tab - change Cell Format to Text instead of Number.

    2. run a repair permissions if you haven't done it in awhile, it shouldn't fix it - but I've seen stranger things

    then try a PRAM reset
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    Yes, you need to check your configurations. Make sure they haven't changed from default

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