I was wondering,

Everythime I try to use Mail and iChat (I use Yahoo normally), my mac e-mail address pops up, which I never use anyway because of two reasons:

In iChat and Mail, the program demands a password. Now I do not remember putting a password for this anyway, since I never use the programs but it is something that is locked away out of use when it should be useable. Another thing is that I do not know what the password is anyway, since I do not remember entering a password at any point since I had my iBook.

I realise today that if I wanted a 'new account' to see if I can bypass the password buggery, but it took me to a new Safari screen and asked for my credit details, so basically the answer I'll like is:

Do you have to pay to use the Mail and iChat service?

If not, how do I change my password or get one as I do not remember putting one for the mailing side of the iBook at any point. I looked on the help stuff but nothing that relates to my case appears.

Cheers to anyone who helps!

Hope everyone is Ok too.