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    Apr 14, 2010
    Which Mac is for me?
    Hello! This is my first post!

    Here it goes... I havent worked consistantly on a Mac in 10 years. Well Im finally in a position to purchase one. Thing is, I dont know which one I need!

    I am a photographer and a graphic designer. Mostly photographer. I have a small business where I take photos, do some graphic design and Ive done a few websites.

    So which Mac would you (the experts) suggest I look at? I would have things like photoshop, dreamweaver, flash, etc. running at the same time (sometimes) and my HP just isn't cutting it!

    I looked at a 27" desk top at Best Buy and it was flippin beautiful!

    So I figure you guys know infinately more about these macines than I do so I come to you for some advice... any would be appreciated!

    Thank you!

    Ryan Prouty
    Peoria, IL

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    If you are a photographer, I can't recommend the 27" more! Absolutely beautiful display, and if you get it running the latest versions of snow leopard, you're all set!

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    I'd agree with Printerman on this one, because the 27 inch iMac really gives you a great view of things while you are doing editing work. That is not coming from experience, though, but a friend of mine who is a professional photographer. The giant screen really helps with the accuracy of your editing.

    However, if you need a lot of mobility like my friend, you might want to get a 15 or 17 inch Macbook Pro. It has a decent enough screen, I suppose, and the mobility is all there. Also, both computers, the desktop and the laptops, are good enough in terms of horsepower. They will handle all the applications you mentioned above just fine.

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    I have the 24" iMac and Photoshop CS4, love it for editing my photos. I want the new 27" but can not get the needed approval from the wife. It has a much brighter display than mine. Now with the CS5 that just came out you will be set for editing. I got an e-mail this week that showed the CS5 package is already discounted for the student/teacher.
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