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Thread: Mac OS X help!

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    Mac OS X help!
    ok my mac OS X is about 5 years old and it runs SOOO Slow now. it is the family computer so it has a bunch of crap that is downloaded. my mom says we should get the hard drive cleared or something but i think we should start fresh with a new mac. lots of the online games i used to always play never work anymore i just get disconnected. also at my friends house i see them playing on Extrema detail with no lag but with mine on Extremely poor details it lags like a mother. i got a wireless router wich dosnt seem to make any trouble but i relly want to drastically increase the speed of my mac. is it worth it getting it 'tuned or fixed' up? or would it be faster if i bought a new one

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    It probably just needs a tune-up.

    Start here and let us know how you make out:
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    Have you tried OnyX... it helps clean a lot of stuff and helps tune the system up...
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    You can do a lot to help your Mac regain its former speed by clearing out the crud. After backing up the pictures, music etc that's important to you, try a full erase and reinstall (if you have an Intel Mac, now would be a REALLY good time to put Snow Leopard on).

    Set up fresh new accounts, restore the pics/music/docs from your backup, reinstall only the software you REALLY NEED, and your old Mac should behave like new.

    Five years, however, is about the length of peak life of a computer these days, so while I recommend the above first, you should at least start saving towards your next computer.

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    Did the suggestions the guys have made thus far make any difference? Also, How much free space is left on your boot drive? OS X starts to really bog down as the drive gets full. Some users have noticed a slowdown if there is about 15% or less of free space left. If you are at that point try freeing up some additional drive space and see if that helps.

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    Did the suggestions the guys have made thus far make any difference?
    Good question!

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