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Thread: Did I FUBAR my computer? Identity theft here I come?

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    Jan 13, 2010
    Did I FUBAR my computer? Identity theft here I come?
    I know that few if any here recommend using anti virus programs and I understand why you say that, but please understand that I had an experience on a Windows computer which traumatized me quite a lot, even to this day and it happened in 2009.

    I have ClamXav, iAntivirus, and the demo of Macscan installed with a little more than 2 weeks left on it.

    Early this morning I updated ClamXav, but it gave me a message which while I won't say is horrible is a bit strange and worrying to me. The message from what I understand means the definitions are up to date but the scan engine is not yet (supposedly an update will be released).

    I am worried however, and I don't have proof of this because I wouldn't know how to prove it, that the website which stores the ClamXav definitions could have been hacked and instead of downloading the definitions I could have downloaded a trojan or keylogger. I have no proof of this, but for some reason I'm worried, I guess because of stuff in the ClamXav update log.

    And then something worried me with Macscan. There is this blue and white bar which runs across the screen while doing a scan with Macscan. When I went to run Macscan this bar sat still while the scan was going. After I restarted the program and ran a scan the bar was moving. I did notice that while this was running though the number of processes running had gone up by a few. I was either running 39 or 41 processes during the scan where the bar wouldn't move, but during the scan where the bar did move it said I was running 43 processes. Why didn't the bar move the first time and why would the number of processes go up like that?

    I haven't illegally downloaded pirated software, I don't go to porn or crack websites, and I haven't let anyone use my computer since reformatting (unless God forbid a hacker got me). But I am still worried by these events. I don't know if there is anything wrong or if there's a way to tell if something is wrong. I'm terrified, and I beg anyone who reads this for advice, input, words of wisdom, etc.

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    Want the best advice?

    Uninstall all those programs as they will slow down your Mac. Make sure you use the program uninstallers and do not simply drag to trash. There are no Mac OS X viri and you follow sound browsing procedures to prevent trojans etc becoming a problem. You have to get over this hang up from your PC days.

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    What harryb2448 said. I know its hard for Windows refugees to accept, but its true.

    Turn off that software firewall. Uninstall those anti-virus programs. They are a waste of time and resources. Your self-described "smart practices" are all the protection you need on a Mac. Enjoy the light side of computing!!

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    You can not create definitions for Virus that do not exist. All you download are defs for windows.

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    Get rid of the anti-virus but keep the firewall activated.

    Your too paranoid and making things up in your head.
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    Jan 13, 2010
    If the ClamXav definitions website was compromised though would it be possible to have downloaded a trojan or keylogger when I updated the definitions? I know you need to enter your password to install one of the few trojans out there for the Mac, but the thing is when I installed ClamXav I naturally had to enter my password. I don't know how to phrase it exactly, but since I entered my password for ClamXav before and if the definition website was hacked could system files have been modified since ClamXav had that permission when I installed it?

    I've also noticed something else that's a little strange. I'm using Firefox for my web browser and when I click on a link to go to another page the touchpad icon is at first the finger point icon since I'm hovering over the link, and then it does this quick blink thing where the icon turned to the black arrow and maybe then back to the finger point icon. Then when it goes to the page the link directs to it's the black arrow icon. I don't know if it fully makes sense but it's like the icon changes to what it will be like when clicking on the next page and sort of stutters between what it looks like before clicking the link.

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    You did not get a keylogger or any other virus. These things cannot be installed in any UNIX based OS without you giving the okay for them to install with your admin password. If you did not install anything strange, then you have nothing to worry about. Delete that craptastic AV software.

    Also, having more than one antivirus program installed on a computer (a windows machine) actually puts you more at risk because the programs can fight each other and try to take precedence over each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by New2TheMac View Post
    If the ClamXav definitions website was compromised though would it be possible to have downloaded a trojan or keylogger when I updated the definitions?
    1. This didn't happen.

    2. It will never happen.

    3. If it were to somehow happen, the devs would spread the news all over the Mac community like CRAZY.

    4. You are being WAY beyond paranoid. I'm seriously about to suggest some psychiatric help (in a friendly, collegial manner).

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    I think if I was that paranoid I would be turning off WiFi and disconnecting my network cable!

    All of the advice above is sound. Since switching to Mac I am far more relaxed and enjoying having a machine that's not compromised by AV software.

    Good browsing practice is the protection you need.

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    I've been told for years that it isn't possible. While I agree with that, I was also told the only reason you would need an AV is if you communicate with a PC. That being said, I don't even know how possible it is for a mac to spread a PC virus as wouldn't it have to be activated to spread itself? Other then that it's a dead file to your mac and it can't use it so how could it attach to something? Last I heard files aren't magnets hehe.

    Hopefully someone with more knowledge will be able to answer that aspect..
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    One more to add to the uninstall that stuff camp. You are being overly paranoid with a system that does not currently have the virus problems that a Windows machine has. Leave the firewall on, that will at least hide you, but get rid of the resource hog anti-virus software.

    Also.... If you install more than one AV on a machine it is possible to get false positives out of it. For years Mcafee and Symantec would report each other as viruses. More is not always better. If you want to protect yourself from identity theft, educating yourself is the best bet.

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    You can't even run multiple anti-virus apps on a windows machine simultaneously and expect any one of them to function properly.

    While I agree, get all of that stuff off your Mac and get over your Windows paranoia, if you're going to use one, pick one, and get rid of the others. If you want to try more than one, then you will need to remove the first one... before you put a 2nd one on the machine. And, as suggested above, you need to use their uninstallers, no simple drag and drop to the trash with these as they do make modifications to system folders.

    (Aqua: A virus could be passed from a Mac via email. You receive an attachment with a Win virus in it and then forward that attachment to your windows using friends. It still would do nothing on your Mac. This is why the requirement for an A/V even on Macs in many institutional / business settings.)
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    Again, as a reminder to others (not the OP) posting in this thread, the software firewall does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to "hide you."

    Proof of this statement is EASILY obtained by going to ShieldsUP! with your software firewall off.

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    Of course a firewall doesn't hide you... It simply is used to shut ports down that you are not using and block access. If a firewall was pointless nobody would be using them and I can assure you that they do work.

    I think that you are thinking of mac filtering or hiding a SSID. Those really don't do anything for a person trying to lock a system down.

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    Shields Up! is very deceiving - what I mean is, if you're using a router to access the internet, Shields Up! is going to hit the router and not the computer itself. If your computer has a live IP address (ie: a public IP address instead of a NAT'd private address) the firewall can be setup to drop packets making your computer "appear" invisible by not responding to certain requests. The firewall on the computer itself acts as a separate line of defense.

    If there is a second computer on your network that is running windows and gets infected where someone can gain remote access, they are now inside your network and the firewall would add extra security from that compromised machine.

    Another use, as I don't know if the OP has a desktop or laptop, if you're on a laptop and go to use wifi in public places it can help protect you from other people on the same public network (assuming that they haven't set it up so each connection is it's own little bubble).
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