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    Exclamation Best Data Recovery Centers in NYC area?
    Ok so somehow when trying to partition my hard drive, my leopard disappeared. Before I reinstall it, I was told to take the laptop to a data recovery center if I want to recover my files, because once i reinstall leopard, everything will be gone.

    So, does anyone know of a place I can go to in NYC for data recovery service? Any leads to exceptional ones with decent prices? I would prefer to do a drop off, but am open to non drop offs for phenomenal work.

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    1. I would suggest checking with TekServe for this.

    2. You are aware of how much money you're about to spend, right?

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    i was told it would be anywhere from 200 to 700. :/

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    If you got that quote from a "PC place," disregard it. They have no idea what they are talking about.

    That seems VERY VERY low for clean-room data recovery. If you feel confident about it, by all means save the money, but I'd talk to DriveSavers (or the aforementioned TekServe) first. I think you'll get a much more realistic picture of what this is going to involve.

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