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Thread: new to Mac - iMac 27 Fonts are too small

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    Question new to Mac - iMac 27 Fonts are too small
    I am new to macs and to the forums
    Hello to everyone

    I got the 27in iMac (Snow Leopard I guess?) and its great but the fonts are just too small.

    I can hit Command +- in certain apps to grow and contract but I cant seem to find the setting to adjust the overall size of fonts and whatnot.

    Any help appreciated!

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    That's because there isn't. You can set your resolution to a crappier resolution. This will solve your problem. You can also zoom on certain parts of the screen by going into system prefs under universal access and turning on zoom. It'll show you how to do it. Also, I assume you have the magic mouse, so mouse over the part you want to zoom on, hit control (not command, control) and scroll up to zoom (2 finger drag up if you enabled it on the magic mouse) and down to zoom back out.

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    I got the 27in iMac (Snow Leopard I guess?) and its great but the fonts are just too small.
    It's because the iMac 27" uses a very high native resolution. That makes the fonts smaller, however, it's nice because you can open your word processor and fit two pages on the screen side by side. Also great for desktop publishing and other types of graphic software.

    Do like has been suggested and use the magnifier. Or you can do like I did and have a computer viewing prescription made up for your glasses. (if you wear glasses).


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