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    Weird Issues with new macbook
    Ok so i have a few questions i just made the switch to a mac and i have noticed some weird hardware issues with my mac hoping some people with experience can shed some light on my problems...

    my first problem is the usb ports seem to be very flaky meaning ill be loading music onto my ipod and all of a sudden the iphone will disconnect or give me a weird error like error 50 or something ive tried several ipod cables but to no avail it seems like if there is slight to moderate movement the connection will be lost anyone else have this problem before??

    my second problem is every once in awhile the superdrive just quits wont eject or when burning discs will fail randomly (usually during the portion or writing the lead in/out at the end) during the burning process i dont have anything running but toast and maybe a small application like trillian or utorrent that shouldnt be to memory intense or suck up much from the processor to cause the failure

    i ask this because i have only had this macbook for 50 days and im still under the original applecare warranty and am wondering if i should go have it checked out and possibly swapped??

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    If its under warranty get a genius slot in your local apple store and take it in. Sounds like something is pretty flakey. Bring all your devices with you to show them what you are seeing.

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    Never had those problems. Make them fix it.
    It is not normal for a computer to constantly crash, freeze, and become infected by thousands of malicious programs. Microsoft has just convinced you that this is all normal.

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