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    Question How can I make Preview more like Windows
    I just got a Titanium PowerBook G4 and just made it my primary computer. It's awesome, except for one small thing that I miss from Windows. I was used to just clicking on one picture in Windows XP and then using the arrow keys to proceed to other pictures in a folder. There seems to be no way to replicate this on the Mac, I considered iPhoto, but it seems too heavy-duty for what I want to do.

    Can I make Preview browse an entire folder just by opening one picture in it, or is there a program closer to the Windows Picture and Fax viewer on the Mac?

    Thank You

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    well, if you open a bunch of pics from one folder, you can use the page up and page down keys to move between images, or just select the folder in the finder and change to column view and select each pic individually and it will show a preview on the right of it, and you can also navigate using the arrow keys.

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    Just highlight all the pictures in the folder and double-click on just one of them, and that will let you view all the pictures at once.

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    Another option is cocoviewx. I have mixed feelings about the app. Sometimes I like it sometimes I prefer preview. But at the least you might want to check it out.

    One note. If you see jaggies in your images make sure to use image anti-aliasing.

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