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    usb mouse on pb question
    on my pb I have a regular apple usb mouse hooked up to it, and every once it awhile it shoots the cursor either to the top left or the bottom right. It seems to be doing it more than normal. Is there anyway to stop this?

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    Optical mice can "skip" on certain surfaces; you might try a mousepad.
    Or perhaps you're accidentally touching the trackpad; you can set it to ignore the trackpad when a mouse is plugged in.

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    i believe it might of started ever since ive been using a mouse pad, oddly enough. I just cleaned the mouse and the mouse pad to make sure nothing was in the way.

    I thought about me possibly hitting the track pad, but even touching it while moving the mouse doesn't make it move all the way to the top left.

    I'll see how it works since its been cleaned.

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