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    Talking Got my Powerbook today
    Got my Powerbook G4 12.1inch today.
    Apple said these will have newer batteries and Tiger : it did.
    So much to learn about this system...

    I especially love the keyboard..would you believe it?

    Sad it will not display portrait mode on my 19 inch LCD and that mu Alcatel USB won't work on Tiger...

    more later


    not sure if I just keep on adding here or reply to my own post?

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    congratulations!!!!!!! if you have any questions, do a search on teh boards, and if you cant find the answer, just ask.

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    Congrats. Enjoy your new system.
    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain!

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    Congrats! I love my Powerbook 12", it's like my second half (it's no coincidence that I'm single...)

    Indeed the keyboard is one of the highlights - most laptop keyboards are a pig to work on, but the Powerbook one feels just like a full size one... love it.

    In a way I think it's a shame the bigger models don't have a more spread out keyboard, but then I've never had a problem with the lack of spacing between the keys on this one *shrugs*

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    Wink After a few days
    Thanks everyone, now I have had the PB for 5days now.
    I like the keypad, the light weight, screen readability of text and browsers.
    The wireless connection was painless and simple.
    I have bought virtual PC6 for 45 AU$, I already have W2K. Will try when it arrives.

    I always wanted to use ical now that is exactly what I am doing and mail setup was breeze.

    I have been a googler before so the spotlight function is really helpful and easy to get used to.

    I haven't even tried automation..

    I downloaded a colour profile and a software to calibrate fine with me.


    Inability to rotate screen in portrait mode on my Desktop LCD is a pain but I will see how I cope with it.

    Battery lasted about 4 hours--not too bad,should last a bit more now(I have switched bluetooth off)

    I have been using NeoOffice for opening and editing word ok for me.


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