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Thread: Swtching Woes

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    Swtching Woes
    Okay here is my dilemma. I need to use my Microsoft Outlook 2003 on new Mac. That is only because I have a CRM software that I run on top of Outlook.

    I have tried Crossover, but it doesn't really work well because Outlook won't send and receive my mail on the Mac.

    My next option was to use boot camp and to install an entire operating system. My HP, I did use, only has a restore disk, so I can't use just install Vista off of it.

    Plus, I do not want to spend that much money on a piece of crap Microsoft product, just use it every once in a while for the mail.

    I do have an XP install disc, I tried to install it and every time I get to the point where I'm just supposed to hit a return key (in the XP install process) the keyboard input is not recognized.

    What do you think - any suggestions? Should I just buy iWork and transfer my contacts to it and forget the CRM software - or spend money for a Windows lic? etc.......

    Oh ya, I bit the bullet and bought the 27 in quad core iMac. I have returned after 20 years! Woo hoo!!!!!!

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    There are lots of other (and frankly, better) CRM programs for the Mac than iWork's Numbers spreadsheet. I would imagine that most of them have some way for you to export your existing contacts and import them into their system.

    Head to, do a search on CRM and sample what comes up. You could also look at Bento for a database CRM if you fancy doing your own custom one.

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    If your XP install disk does not have at least SP 2, then it wont work with Bootcamp. You could always try ebay if you really wanted Windows disks. If your XP disks do have the correct SP level, I'm not sure how to tell you to continue, as I have not personally used bootcamp. I may try Crossover as I do have some 3D content with windows installers and the files I transfered over from my now dead PC were lost in a crash of an external HDD (although, I am considering not even reinstalling that content).

    My personal preference would be to just move everything over to equivalent Mac software and leave Windows behind. If I don reinstall my 3D content and have to install Windows to do it, Windows will be deleted as soon as the content is loaded. I don't want anything to do with Windows on the Mac.

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    For the XP install, try using a standard PC USB keyboard for the install. That has sometimes been necessary for some machine/install disk combinations.

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    You might also look at VMWare as a virtualization tool in which to install Windows. It handles the hardware translations for you. With my 21" iMac, Windows runs faster under VMWare than it did on a Dell Quad Core! The difference is that I run Windows with no antivirus software in the virtual environment because VMWare has a feature to take a snapshot of the virtual machine. If I ever get a virus, or if I install something I don't like, all I do is whack the current image and go back to a known good one. In your case you might lose some CRM data, so a good backup of your sensitive data would be a good thing if you decide to follow that strategy.

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    This is what I am going to do........I really want to cut ties with Microsoft.

    I have regretted ever leaving my Mac brothers 20 years ago....I am going to just remote into the old pc and have it in a window on the Mac. I will do this until I can stop using any part of it...

    This way I will not have to install programs - partition my drive, etc.

    What think ye!

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    I use vmware/bootcamp myself but I also use rdc(remote desktop connection formally known as terminal services) to access all my windows machines
    Office for Mac - Easy Access to Downloads and Updates | Mactopia

    Teamviewer is also nice for getting to a PC over the internet.
    TeamViewer - Free Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing over the Internet

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