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    Wink New iMac 21.5 inch owner needs help
    This question has probably been asked a dozen times before,,I am 67yo iMac learner, from the PC world, I teach Linedancing and have done for years, I need to be able to record songs to CD, (legitimate of course) I have always used Nero as my Burning Program & Creative Wave Studio as my music Editor,
    Cd's I make go from 1 song to maybe 23-4 depending on lenth of song.
    Question after all that intro, What is the best Alternative to Nero & Creative Wave Studio. all my music files are in various MP3 format, and I can't seen to make head nor tail out of iTunes, so I keep my mp3s on and Ext HD.
    Hope some-one can help and forgive an old mans ignorance

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    There are a few burning software on Macs. The one I like is Roxio's Toast. Macs do have a built in burning application but it's too basic for my needs.

    I can't recommend any music editors because I don't use any myself. iTunes is not really a music editor.

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    When you have a key application like this, why not use Windows on a virtual machine with Virtual Box (free), VMFusion or Parallels? You don't have the learning curve of new software and you carry on as normal. I use VMFusion simply because I use one or two bits of software for which there are no really good OS X substitutes.

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    Thanks for that info ,it will be helpful. a new quetion, how do I import my mail from my PC Outlook Express into my Mac Mail as I can't find a common import or export thingy (an old blokes way of putting it)

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    The easiest way to create a CD in itunes is to make a playlist - then use that playlist to burn a CD.
    iTunes: How to Burn a High-Quality Audio CD

    Check out garageband for audio editing. There are more Pro level tools but garageband does quite a bit and it comes with your Mac.

    Try this for moving Outlook express to Mac Mail - I haven't tried as I don't use Outlook Express. Unfortunately it looks like you need Entourage to do some intermediate work.
    Import Outlook Express (PC) emails into Mail - Mac OS X Hints

    There was also this backup info for Outlook Express
    Outlook Backup Tutorial
    And I think you can use this program to convert it
    See this
    Schwie’s Pad Blog Archive How to convert .pst archives, to .dbx, to .mbox files for use with Mail on Mac OS X
    He talks about going from Outlook so there is an extra step I don't think you need.

    Others - Importing from Outlook and Outlook Express

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