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    Hopefully I am posting this is the right place.

    My imacG5 is on its last legs but I don't want to get a new one until they have some better processors (i5 - i7 as the default spec) and then I will get a 27" one. So in the interim I wanted to get a fairly cheap laptop which I could do a bit of work on (web design etc)/browse the internet in an attempt to prolong the life of my imac until it can be replaced.

    So i am looking on the internet and I come across a Macbook Black 2.4ghz 4gb ram etc etc for £550 ($830). It is a year and a half old, and has a year and a halfs applecare left on it. Am i wrong to be tempted by this? I have to admit I was always taken by the black (I have never seen one up close to use though). Are they anything special?

    Should I wait until after the new MacBook pros 13" are updated (i won't get in to this as there is already quite a big thread) and then jump on the inevitable firesale to get a second hand one. I am just not sure if I am being swayed by the price for the black (I have seen pros go for not loads more) as I think in most if not all ways the New Macbook pros are better than the Black Macbook (screen, keyboard, trackpad, weight, size etc etc).

    Sorry this is a bit of a ramble but would appreciate peoples opinions

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    I seem to be missing something. You want a 27" iMac with an i5 or i7 as the "default."

    Looking at Apple's web page for the iMac, I see two models of iMac with the i5 or i7 as the "default spec."

    As for the Black MacBooks, as an owner of one naturally I quite like it, but yes the MacBook Pros are in all significant ways better.

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    On the uk store the only one with i5/i7 options is the most expensive one, £1634 ($2500) which I can't afford. Sorry i should have said that.

    Is that black macbook worth it?

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    As much as I love my BlackBook I would tell you to look at the refurb Unibody MacBooks or MacBook Pros, they are obviously more powerful machines.

    Its hard for me to judge from here whether £550 for a Blackbook is a good deal or not. It's certainly a very fine computer and does have Applecare so if you want it and feel its a good price, then go for it.

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    If you buy used, make sure you get the AppleCare package and contents, as well as the OSX installation disc(s).

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