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    Upgrading XP to 7 on Boot camp
    Hi guys,
    I have a one year old Macbook pro 2.53Ghz which i installed XP using Boot camp. I want to upgrade to Win 7 ultimate edt. Do I need to run Boot camp all again, or just go ahead and install the win 7 within the XP os? I know I can not run an upgrade from XP to win 7, so i will have to perform a new installation, will it still let me go back to my beloved Mac OS? Won't it create a problem with the Boot camp if I just run the win 7 installation?

    Thanks for your advise!!!

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    You'll need a clean install of Windows 7, as you already know. From my knowledge, you will have to run Bootcamp, and it will give you an option to delete an old partition. Go ahead and remove your XP partition (as you'd have to delete it for a fresh install of Windows 7 anyways), and then let Bootcamp do its thing. Once the partition is removed, go ahead and run the Bootcamp Assistant once more, and set up your Windows 7 partition just like you did with XP.

    I have successfully installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my own MacBook with a 2.00 GHz, and everything went smoothly, the only thing I've never done was removing an old Bootcamp partition, but seeing as there is an option to do so in Bootcamp, I'm assuming that's all it takes!

    Hope this helps,


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    You don't have to go through Bootcamp again, because that takes a lot of time to do so. Pop in your Windows 7 disc, boot form that, and just delete the XP files through that disc, just make sure you know what your partitions are called so you don't mix them up. I name my partitions and external hard drives according to their importance. I personally don't like bootcamp because it gives me errors when I try to make one if i am using a virtual machine. I like using iPartition because it's a lot easier.

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    If you have VMware you can run the upgrade via it with no problems at all. I have done this for a Vista upgrade.

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    To the OP:

    Boot to XP, insert your Windows 7 DVD, and select install. It will move all your XP files and folders to a separate folder and will then install Windows 7 clean. Afterward, you may be able to move certain items over such as documents and data files. But all applications will have to be reinstalled.

    DO NOT use Boot Camp or otherwise delete the partition and start over, as it's not necessary.

    See the following LINK


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    You can plan to upgrade to parallels if you use windows a lot on the MAC. I have XP installed via Parallel 5 and trust me it works like a charm (but I hardly use windows now)

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