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    Profile Change
    i'm a new MBP owner (its new to me but not a new MBP) and I have a question about my profile.

    Since I bought it used, there was already a profile set up...lets call it "george". I kinda figured out how "george" is like a user name and has the equivalent to MY DOC, MY MUSIC, MY VIDEOS, like my PC does. Is there a way that I can delete george an make traumaturtle? or do I need to reformat my HD and start from scratch? I've already been able to create an account called traumaturtle and even make myself the admin, but that doesn't appear the same way that george does. How do I change the User name from george from traumatrutle?

    Sorry if my question seems a little odd, but I'm new to this. Any help would be awesome!


    P.S. With my MBP I got a little insert that goes between my keyboard and screen to help protect it when I close the laptop...does actually keeping that and using it forever put me in the same class of person that doesn't take off the little plastic film on the cell phone screen even when it's 90% peeled off and useless?

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    As long as "George" has nothing in it that you want, you can delete it, as you already have a new one set up. You do not need to reformat the HD.

    In what way does the new account not appear the same as "George"?

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    If I look in the USERS file on my HD, all I see is GEORGE (with the icon of a house). What I would like to see is TRAUMATURTLE. If I click on GEORGE, there is a set of special icon folders that say Desketop, Documents, Downlaods...etc.

    However, when I go to System Preferences > Accounts, there is NO george, there is only a TraumaTurtle that is set as Admin (Ironically enough, there is a DOWNLOADS folder that I can't open elsewhere on my HD that I can't open even though I AM signed in under Admin, but that's another post). At this point can I have a USER named TraumaTurtle with/without George? Or am I doomed forever unless I reformat. Although I have an account created, for some reason it's not the same thing. Could the name of the computer be george? That was my initial thought, but then why would that be under the USER category?


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