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    Well, I dropped by Best Buy today to purchase my first Mac. Well actually my first computer was one of those black and white all in one Macintoshes when I was like 12. I never really was a big fan of the Apple OS, I mean, I thought it was okay but I always felt more comfortable with my PC's. Well a few weeks back I walked into a best buy and I stumbled upon this 27" iMac, I was in awe, I never wanted a Mac so bad until I saw the size of this screen! It took me a while to get one at best buy, the workers there seemed to be helping everyone but me, you know, answering questions about the mac, how bootcamp works, etc. etc. Well some random guy popped out of nowhere asking me if I needed help, I simply pointed at this beast of a machine and was like "I'll take this"

    This thing is huuuuuuuge!!! I'm not too crazy about the keyboard and I"m also not too crazy about the mouse, I ended up using my kensington four button trackball instead of the mouse, I'm tempted to go back to my old keyboard but I'll give this one a try.

    I'm still getting use to this mac, It's not too bad, I'll still be using my netbook running windows xp for sure but I like this.

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    Welcome, congrats and be sure to let us know if you have questions!

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    Don't give up on the mouse that came with your iMac.
    I have had my 27" quad i5 for a month now and the mouse is pretty cool once you get use to it. But this is an amazing machine and you will love it no matter what mouse you use. It's cool not looking at a fuzzy screen ain't it?

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    I agree...don't give up on the mouse yet. I've had my 21.5 incher for 4 weeks now. I love the keyboard and I found the mouse to be a little slick to grasp. I normally have dry hands. I attached a little strip of self-adhesive felt on the sides and now have not problems with the grasp.

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    I agree, don't give up on the mouse. Download BetterTouchTool and that little mouse will do all kinds of tricks. One of my favorite tricks is a better version of the windows 7 commercial of dragging a window to the edge of the screen and have it pop to half screen. With the MagicMouse and bettertouchtool you can set it up to do it with just a a 3 finger swipe left or right and even adjust the pecentage of screen. I use a 60%-40% with the 60% for my browser on the left and the 40% on the right for just about everything else.
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