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    Mac Book Pro on Windows network
    I bought an iMac recently and it's a revelation.

    I have been getting p$%^&d off with my Sony Vaio + Windows 7 setup at our small business. All the usual rubbish, no need to list it.

    So I bought a 15" Mac Book Pro for work, with Office 2008 (I have that on the iMac and it's fine for my purposes).

    We have Microsoft Small Business Server at the office. My question is will I be able to sync with that - i.e. store and retrieve my documents between the Mac and the server? Or do I need Parallels and Windows 7 on the Mac? Or have I screwed up?

    Any pointers appreciated thanks!

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    Your mac will have no problems reading windows based shares and sending jobs to windows based printers.
    Your mac can also connect to your small business server's exchange email (if you're using it).

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    You might want to check the networking forum on here about the setup. It's not to hard once you dig in, but it does offer great advice for setting up sharing between macs and pcs. Just remember that if you're using Snow Leopard, it may not detect the computer automatically, and you'll have to put in the SMB address of whatever computer your accessing. A bit of a pain, but a minor annoyance.

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