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Thread: E-Mail Addy in A Forum Post

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    Dec 12, 2009
    E-Mail Addy in A Forum Post
    I didn't know i had a problem with this until I tried adding an e-mail addy to a post in a forum. I want the e-mail addy to be clickable (which will bring up the e-mail box). When I set up my board with IE I had no problems with this, but now find I can't do it with Mac. Anyone know how to do this? I really need to be able to since I do run the board & I edit our member information forum.



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    Seems like you're asking for spam by putting up your addy on a public forum. That's always discouraged by any forum I've ever joined. Isn't there another way to get your address to those, and only those, who need it?

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    Agree with toMACsh, I'd suggest you encourage members to use the PM system instead of putting up your email.
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    Yes I could. It isn't a public forum, but of course that doesn't mean it couldn't be hacked into. BUT Could someone answer my question about making my e-mail addy clickable? I know how to do a URL hyperlink.

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    For the URL, put replacing the email address. Here is an example: Email link.

    As suggested above though, you should really consider using something other than email.
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    To add to the others advice, I would also suggest that it's unwise to add an email address (at least in the usual format) to any online forae, as it would attract the spamverts like bees to the proverbial honey.

    If you must have your email address displayed, do it in a manner in which most spam drones cannot read, for example me<at>mycomputer<dot>net, although this method is not clickable.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you vansmith. That did the trick.

    I also made a poll for my members to vote whether they want their e-mails on display.

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