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    Saving Hotmail messages to a Macbook (???)
    Just a bit of quick help needed here please

    There's lots of websites teaching you how to save old Hotmail messages to your PC, but I can't find anything Mac

    Can someone help me please?

    I tried copying and pasting onto Word, but it ends up all scrambled

    What's the trick ????????????????????????

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    If you're talking about saving from, I can't help you.
    But if you have your hotmail open with the Mail app on your Mac, then all you have to do is click on the message you want and go to File>Save As.

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    Print them out?

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    It looks like hotmail has started allowing pop3 access. The easiest way on the mac is to add a hotmail account to the mail program of your choice (Thunderbird or Mail for example)
    Hotmail Pop3 Mac Mail
    That will save all mail from your main folder - but not any other folder, its a limitation of pop3 and part of the reason I don't like the protocol. Consider moving to something like gmail that actually allows IMAP access.

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