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    My very first iMac and questions...
    So, I got my very first Mac two days ago, and I have found it to be a pretty good experiance. I like how all the basics are covered extensively on Apples web site, I like that alot. I also like how most downloads need little to no installation, it downloads and it pops up in the download folder, usually with the arrow pointing to the Applications folder, Iam guessing that if I want to keep it, I drag it there The last time I used a Mac extensively was back in middle school, and I am 23, my god how these machines have evolved! It still feels like a Mac but, has so much more. Its really a nostalgic feeling. I was also surprised how durable the machine felt as I pulled it out of the box, I knew it was Aluminium, and I am a welder I work with that kind of material all day, it feels really solid. As if it could take a fall, not that I would risk that of course

    Of course not everything is perfect....

    My biggest gripe? The HD size... yeah 500 gb is alot, but for the premium price, why not throw in a tb? I mean, common... Itunes takes up a lot of space if you got a healthy sized library...

    I get migraines easily, usually triggered by MSG's but also by bright lights. This sucker is bright, so I turn it down, but at the lower levels theres this slight flickering the screen does. Its a 21.5 so I don't think it has anything to do with the 27 inch screen problems, I have been hearing a lot about.

    The Magic Mouse at first was bit uncomfortable, I can live with it now but it would be nice if it was a TEENY bigger, I have pretty big mitts, so that may just be something caused by me.

    It also seems like a hassle if you wanna upgrade the HD, I want to have mine done professionally if I seemed so inclined...

    Overall however, I really love my Mac. I knew everyone ranted and raved about the screen, and I was like "Oh yeah, I got a HD tv, I know what to expect..." when I turned it on for the first time, and the intro video played, I was really impressed. The 1080p is INSANE, its pretty mind boggling and I never enjoyed YouTube as much as I do now that I can watch Videos in awesome HD.

    Oh, and if anyone has any software they think every Mac user should own I would appreciate your take, I wanna get the most out of my Mac

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    Mar 06, 2010
    21.5 3.06, 4 GB Ram,
    I think I would like to add, that I was a PC user for maybe...12 year, thats a long time, about half my life. I was introduced to Macs when I was young, in Elementary they had the old grey all in one Macs, with the little floppy disc.( I think its a Macintosh Classic...) It had Number Munchers and Oregan Trail. We had the first iMacs in High School, those Gumdrop ones, but I never took computer classes, simply because I knew most of the stuff they taught. Also, I was a big gamer back then, that was I became a strictly Console gamer, because A) much cheaper and B) The PC Gaming market is going downhill quickly, I think that this is will Apple's gateway to climbing up the Market Share ladder.

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    Glad you're enjoying it!

    I believe the 1TB was an option at ordering time, but nevermind. I have found myself now recommending to people with large music libraries (I have over 2000 CDs myself, only a fraction of which have been "ripped" so far) that the way to go (IMO) is to create at least two iTunes Libraries, one modest-sized one of music you most prize, and leave the larger one on an external at home (with overlap if you like, space is cheap these days). Use the external one when you're home, and the smaller one on your boot drive for "on the road" music.

    FWIW I agree completely with your observations on the gaming market.

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