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Thread: Time machine backups!

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    Time machine backups!
    Hey guys. Quick question. Bought my daughter a mackbook and instead of putting program and music on an external and then putting everything on hers. I just used my time machine backup from my MacBook Pro. All went well except it didn't transfer any of my pictures, video, or music or anything in itunes to hers. I thought time machine backed every single thing up.? Is this Apples way to keep people from sharing music and such or did something not go right?

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    That would depend on whether you excluded any files/folders from backup. If I am not mistaken the default locations for these files is inside your User folder. Some users exclude this location from backup.

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    To the OP:

    Time Machine is not designed to transfer data from one machine to another. It's a backup tool not a migration application. As Slydude has already mentioned there is also the question of user folders that come into play.

    Use your migration located in the Applications Utilities folder to transfer the iTunes library, photos, and any other applications you wish to move to her machine.


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