Well, the switching thing is a bit out of control...

My replacement laptop should be delivered tomorrow, and should be waiting for me when I get home.

But, in a fit of utter madness, I decided I needed another system, one I might use to lure unsuspecting family members over to the Mac side. So... Being addicted to old refurbished retreads, I just picked up a tricked out Pismo... OK, way older than my Powerbook, but the RAM's maxed, it's got a larger than normal HD, it's fitted with Aiport, and it's loaded with Jaguar... And I paid peanuts for it. Oh, and with a new High cap battery. I figure it can be the "take it into the field" computer, too.

OK, I know I'm crazy. But those old black Powerbooks are just waaay too wicked cool to pass up.

Is there any other recent converts who've been bitten by the "old Mac" disease???