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    Unhappy MobileMe dropping Emails
    Hi Guys - I'm a new convert to Apple and have a MacBook Pro and iPhone. When I send emails to my MobileMe account they always arrive, but several days later they randomly disappear from my inbox - sometimes into Trash, but sometimes altogether. Sometimes the mail has disappeared from my iPhone inbox, but is online in my MobileMe inbox - but not always. This is particularly annoying on my iPhone, as I often send mails there to see later (ticket details etc.). Any ideas? Many thanks.

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    MobileMe mail is IMAP mail, therefore it is always on the server and should NEVER disappear until you delete it.

    Do you have one of your mail clients set to delete mail after X number of days? This often happens with people who have switched from POP to IMAP.

    Are the emails there if you check in from the web browser interface?

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    Feb 28, 2010
    Thanks they aren't there on the web browser interface always. Sometimes they are, but today for instance, they are all in the Trash, with only 1 in the inbox. Don't know why this one is in the inbox, it isn't the most recent, in fact it's about 4 emails ago.

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    It sounds like you have a pretty severe junk filter set up on one of the machines, and MobileMe is just syncing to what one of your email clients is doing.

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