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Thread: am i hosed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RustProofCorn View Post
    ditto what? there are many posts after this one that explain in more depth my concern. you feel comfortable with some dude being able to remove applecare at anytime? and me being a new apple customer makes me a crier? wow
    Based on your response, you did not read the posts reassuring you of the warranty. Regardless, good luck and have fun with your new Mac.

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    i read it. but alls it said was that the mac was still under warranty. how would i know from that post that the hdd a aftermarket hdd would still be covered under warranty. seems if you dont like my questions you would just not post and you wouldnt answer any questions just to say stuff like read,ditto, and whining and such. seriously. i am having fun with my mac thank you.
    60% of the time it works every time.

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