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OnceYouGoMac 02-25-2010 09:33 PM

ZDnet Clock is a new German program that allows overclocking of Mac Pro! I was wondering if such a thing exists for Macbook?

chscag 02-25-2010 10:19 PM

You can't over clock a MacBook - at least not in the same sense as you would with a home built unit. (FSB over speed, ram over clock, etc)

However, MacBook machines which contain the nVidia chipset have been reported to have been over clocked. The catch is that it can only be done from Windows. See the following LINK.

I guess you know that you can damage your nVidia GPU and thus severely damage the logic board by over clocking the GPU. Apple will not honor any warranty or Apple care if that should happen. So take care.


cwa107 02-25-2010 10:28 PM

Another important point here - notebooks have very tight tolerances and thermal management is a much more precise science since there's not a lot of space to install mitigation for heat.

Desktops are a different story - you can play with different kinds of cooling to your heart's content and so there is usually plenty of room for error. I would personally never even attempt to overclock a notebook. You can't really modify the heatsinks or fans or other cooling mechanisms, so your only hope is that the manufacturer built the machine to handle temps far beyond what they anticipated in its design. And if you're willing to accept that risk, do the ends really justify the means? As a general rule of thumb, you have to get a good 30% clock speed jump to really make discernible difference in every day tasks.

If you're a gamer, a few extra megahertz could mean a slightly better frame rate in games. But then most serious gamers aren't doing it on laptops either.

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