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    Attached MacBook Pro to TV...No Audio...
    i am assuming i need a separate cable for get the video i used a mini dvi to vga the back of my TV, there is a small port right next to the vga port and it says audio...looks like it can fit a pair of isn't like red and white cables...can anyone give me a link to the wire i could use to get my audio on the TV as well? or even just the name of the type of wire i need

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    A small headphone jack should be audio out.

    The red and white phono ports are for audio in, a headphone jack to 2 x phono cable is what you need. Use it to connect the macs audio out (headphone socket) to the TVs audio in (the red and white phono ports)
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    Yup, this is what you want. Something along those lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MYmacROX View Post
    Yup, this is what you want. Something along those lines.
    thnx much

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    Yea, if your MBP has mini-DVI, then you will not transmit audio through it. Mini Displayport, however, is just a proprietary HDMI connection, which will transmit audio when you go from mini displayport to HDMI. You need an audio transmission though. You might wanna check into Creative Labs wireless soundblaster for iTunes. Transmits audio from your mac wirelessly to an existing speaker system with a receiver through a USB port.

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