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Thread: So glad I made the switch!!!

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    Feb 18, 2010
    So glad I made the switch!!!
    Hello all! I had an LCIII back in the day, but have been a PC user ever since... until now.

    Just got a 27" i5 w/ 8Gb and have been completely blown away! Yep, not cheap, but worth every dollar. The iLife suite is so much better than anything Windows packages in their stuff, and so much more fun! Been having a blast with Garageband and this thing flies. And the display??? Wow.

    My last PC basically blew up a couple weeks ago and my wife and I had been talking about replacing it with a Mac anyway. It was an ancient tower I had built back when a 3Ghz P4 was still pretty decent. So, no time like the present!

    Thanks for all the good stuff contributed on the forums, and I'm sure I'll have questions that I can find answers for here. I now hate using my work PC!!! LoL. Already spoiled...

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    Good, I'm glad you are satisfied! I wish I had that machine! If you can't find or be helped out with any problems you may come across if any here on Mac-Forums then some thing is wrong haha. Welcome to M-F and congrats on the new rig, you'll fall in love with the OS and wonder how you ever survived on a computer with out.

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    I can't agree w/you two more. I've had my MB about a month now, and echo your sentiments wholly. Worth every penny? Vastly superior to any Windows machine? Ditto. The OS is a beauty, and the hardware + software integration seamless? Yup yup. Hate using a Windows machine for work. Yeah, same here. Totally spoiled? Once you use a Mac, it's inevitable.
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    Iknow exactly how you feel. I bought a 27" iMac with the i5 last friday and I am in love with it. I have had lots of fun learning about it so far. I saw the book Mac OS X Snow Leopard: The Missing Manual recommended on this site, and picked up a copy. It is a wonderful book and I would recommend it if you wand an in depth reference for OS x that is actually readable by a human. I can't believe I didn't switch sooner. I had only one thing I would have to rely on Windows for, and that was my Microsoft Zune. I solved that problem by buying a new iPod Classic, and don't ever anticipate needing to run Windows on the Mac.

    Enjoy the new iMac, and welcome to the forum.

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