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    Typing on my PB ,has gone screwy
    New PB ,, 12 inch super drive

    Problem ,,

    Im typing away and all of a sudden the cursor jumps a couple spots, now part of my typing is now in a different area
    I have too drag cursor back to the previous area and finish ,,
    this keyboard is cursed

    Its doing it now ,, as I type this
    Ive tried restarting , shutting down ,,no luck , all my software is uptodate


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    could it be that you are touching the track pad accidentally? i had this problem when i got my iBook.

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    I think fearlessfreap is right. Even on PC Laptops with a Trackpad I have had that happen all the time.

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    i've had that problem on many of my notebooks due to the touchpad. you don't realize it but just a stray tap can screw everything up.
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    Yeah definitly be mindful of the trackpad, I did that a lot with my iBook the first week.

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    There is an option in the prefrences to turn off acidental trackpad input which I guess would stop the problem but I haven't used it so I'm not sure how well it works.

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