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    Album Artwork as background
    Hey, I saw a post on this 2 years ago,but no one has responded to it, so I decided to make a new one.

    Is there anyway possible to set the background of my computer screen to be with the song playing on itunes?

    and if that is not possible
    I have a max OS X 10.5.8

    i found the album artworks folder, but because they are all in .itc I do not want to change them to an image file to set as my background.
    is there anyways possible to either have it auto change every 10 minutes with the album artwork on the computer?

    Thanks, Dan

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    For mac? Not that I know of...

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    Smile Album artwork as background
    Hi Dan,
    I'm not sure if this is what you're after but "Front Row" allows the album artwork to be seen as the relevant track is played in the background.
    Hope this helps

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