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Thread: Pop up Cannot get rid of

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    Pop up Cannot get rid of
    After a restart, I get the popup as follows: The application 1PasswordAgent quit unexpectedly it allows 3 options ignore report relaunch
    I've tried all three, and the popup keeps returning. Please how do I get rid of this thing?? Any help greatly appreciated. Van

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    One of the things you can try is to download the latest version of 1Password. Quit 1Password (go to Disk Utility if you have to and force quit) and all your browsers. Drag your existing copy to the trash, then install your new downloaded version.

    That one won't take too long. If it doesn't work, suggest you post over at Agile's forum.

    Make sure you provide them with the version of OS X you're running and whether you're using 1Password version 2 or 3.
    That crew over there is pretty good.
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    You can try going into 'system preferences' -> System -> Accounts and then click on the 'Login Items' tab and check that it isn't listed there. This is where you can add or remove items (even programs ie a game or mail) that start up when you Login or start up your mac.

    Hope that helps
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    Unwanted popup
    Thanks for the help guys, found it and eliminated same-all systems go. Van

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