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    Searching for the missing tip sheet.
    Into my second month with OSX, and things are going great. I might even make apprentice guru after a while.

    While miskeying a command from the keyboard, I got a unexpected popup that took a few minutes to recreate. Then I discovered the following...

    Move the mouse over any word in a Cocoa application. Press CMD+CONTROL+D. Very interesting. Also totally unmentioned in any of my OSX books.

    So, the thought occurred to me that I need to find the book/manual/website/ titled (roughly), "All the Neat Stuff built into OSX that is not logically documented anywhere and that very few people even know exists but would love to know about."

    Seriously, though, I keep finding stuff on my own, or on an obscure website, that can be really useful, but that I would never have found except by chance. Once found, a search can always pull up info on a particular item - they are not deliberately hidden, only obscure. But the average user will probably never know it existed. There are innumerable sites with tips on OSX, but so far I have found no central depository for all (or even most).

    I am sure that the info exists somewhere in the gazillion byte online Apple documentation, but I haven't found it yet. There may be no answer. After 12 years with Linux, I was always finding new stuff there, also.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cptkrf View Post
    I am sure that the info exists somewhere in the gazillion byte online Apple documentation, but I haven't found it yet.
    Indeed. Mac OS X 10.6 Help: Getting a quick Dictionary definition

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    There was a thread somewhere recently that included a link to a page with a gazillion keyboard shortcuts. Since I memorized all of them, there was no room left in my brain to store the location of that thread!

    But, the web page is out there, keep looking...

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    Here is a list of shortcuts from the Apple site:
    Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

    I've also found some neat tips in their business theater section:
    Apple - Business - Theater

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