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    Naughty Boy
    Joined the Mac world just over a year ago after suffering many years of Windows (mature user) ! Although my son had worries that I would not be able to get used to the Mac system his fears were unfounded, although I guess I have barely scratched the tip of what this 13"Macbook can do.
    I am now moving into the media centre world and having tried the Apple TV followed by the WDTV Live , neither have quite what I am looking now its looking like the Mac Mini for me, and hopefully I can convince the wife it was a special price
    Anyway, if you see a garden being dug up by Police in North London looking for a missing male you will know the wife didn't believe me !


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    Congrats, although you could keep the wife sweet by saving a few quid by getting a Mini at the Apple refurb store

    Refurbished Mac - Apple Store (U.K.)

    The only one up there now comes with server, but keep an eye out for a standard mini - one may come up
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    Cheers....although I have been looking there. So far the only one was around £640 which is toooooo much. Although could always start a bank screw all my customers then award myself a mega bonus with the money the good people of the land provide via tax's.
    Oh sorry about that, got a little carried away. Will continue my quest for the Mac Mini today.

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    Ask at your local Apple store to see if they have any older models still in stock.
    I bought my Mini 2 weeks after the new ones were announced. I bought the base model of the old version and saved 100 quid over the base model on the newer version. I waited for the new ones to come out, and then bought an "old" one. Not much of a spec change and for what I need it's perfect.
    It's plugged into my telly. Plays all my music through my audio system, plays video and DVDs, surfs the net and does all you would want a general use family computer to do.
    Also being silent in operation and having a very low power consumption, it runs as a music server and network "hub" 24 hours a day. The other 2 Macs back up to the external drive connected to the Mini.
    AFIC the Mac Mini is the most home friendly computer out there. I love mine to bits. They are superb machines.

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