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    Can't compose mail in HTML? And another mail question
    A few times a year I send emails out for an event benefiting a non-profit that has a graphic logo at the top with formatted text and tables, bulleted lists, etc. When I was looking at the preferences in mail, I'm only given the option to compose in plain or rich text. I've always used Outlook and composed these emails in HTML-how do I handle these emails in the Mac mail program?

    Also, the emails from the event website are forwarded to me through a gmail account (don't ask me, I don't know why) and I have my emails from a Yahoo account sent/forwarded to my main email address. They aren't forwarding now-can anyone tell me what I need to do to get that going again?

    I keep going back and forth from elation to stark terror and buyer's remorse at switching from PC to Mac. I've wanted a Mac for so long and now I'm wondering if I'm too old to make the change.


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    [HOWTO] Create HTML Emails using Apple Mail -

    Are you paying for Yahoo forwarding? MY old yahoo account wanted me to get Yahoo Plus to forward emails to my GMail account.

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