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    Mail: View and Manage All Accounts
    Hi gang,
    It seems like this would be easy and obvious (and maybe it is lol) to find, but on Mail, I have looked all over and cannot seem to find a place where I can, from a single location, see all of my Mail accounts, and Delete, Add, Manage, etc. Thanks!

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    Ok my Mail is going berzerk now, sending things, not sending them, giving me error messages, there a way to reinstall Mail and start from scratch?

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    Sounds like you forged ahead without waiting for an answer. Good luck.

    As for adding, deleting and setting each account's preferences, it's cunningly hidden in Preferences -> Accounts.

    You probably don't need to reinstall Mail, you probably need to delete, then re-add, your email accounts using the "hidden" panel I just referred to.

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