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Thread: Mini Mac and LCD HD TV

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    Feb 04, 2010
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    Mini Mac and LCD HD TV
    Is it ok to use my 32" LCD HDTV as a screen for a Mini Mac?

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    There are tons of people doing just that.

    Your cabling would depend on which Mac Mini you have, what TV you have and where you want the sound to play.
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    you will love it! i use a G5 as a media server with a 52" plasma as its monitor and it works great. i have a DVI to VGA adapter connecting the video and i use the optical out to provide the audio. the picture and sound are great!

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    Ok! Brill! I was just wondering if the TV would be messed up or something, but cool to know that is works fine. Thank you all good people for great help!


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    I have a DVI to VGA cable running to my 26" Sony LCD HDTV, its pretty sweet, but im running my Macbook on it... Soon ill have a mac mini (again) on a bigger HDTV.

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