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    Opening up a MRIMG file with a mac
    After converting to a Mac a few months ago I created a disk image with with Macrium Reflect to help facilitate my migration. I saved the Disk Image file on my External Hardrive and now I want to access that particular image. Can anyone help, perhaps lead me to a program that I can use to browse that image so I can extract what I need?



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    Since there is no Mac version of Macrium Reflect, there is nothing that will access that image. Proprietary Win-only solutions = bad.

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    Additionally, the Windows-based imaging tools are designed to work with an MBR and BIOS setup that you would see in a typical PC. Although the tool may run from a Boot Disc, you're not getting a solid backup.

    I use and recommend SuperDuper! for this purpose. Additionally, I use Two Canoes WinClone to backup my Boot Camp partition.
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    Only ways I can see to access that image are going to be:

    A) Installing Windows and possibly Macrium Reflect.

    B) Possibly try using their Linux Rescue CD - see if your Mac will boot from that and may give you access to the files - it probably is not going to have write capability to your HFS formatted OS X partition though.
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    Thanks for the responses.

    lol I conformed and found an old Windows based PC laying around that I forgot that I had.

    All is good now,

    Thanks again

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    Thanks for following up.

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