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Thread: streaming video - windows media player

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    streaming video - windows media player
    Hi - 1st post and new to macs so please be nice. I have used PC's for many years and decided to move to a 27 imac. Nice. I visit a site that displays webcams city/surf etc. the site supports Windows Media Player only for the display of the streaming video embedded within the webpages. The camera I like to view shows fistral beach in Newquay and is great for checking out the surf. However on my mac it is poor - blocky and sometiomes total green screen. I have downloaded windows media player 9 and flip4mac. Flip is installed. Any ideas how I can improve on this. I still have a PC and the pic is fine on that. Thanks

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    If you have Flip4Mac Player installed, you can trash WiMP 9 -- it's obsolete.

    I visited the site myself and you're right -- it's a complete mess.

    MS has chosen not to make the latest WMV technology available on Macs yet. Blame them. You might also drop a note to the Flip4Mac people citing the URL, perhaps that will help.

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    Thanks for that appreciate you taking the time. Glad it's not me. Will drop a note to Flip4mac as suggested



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    I would also recommend installing Perian and VLC Media Player, both of which will make numerous commonly used codecs available.
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