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Thread: Password when installing programs

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Password when installing programs
    How do I turn off the feature that asks me for my password every time I install a program? In other words, I do NOT want to have to do that as it is annoying haha. Thanks.

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    You don't want to turn it off, believe me. That's why Windows is so vulnerable to a virus or malware attack - in XP most folks log on as admin which gives malware and virus attacks a free entrance. Vista and Win 7 have UAC, but that winds up being so annoying most folks turn it off anyway.

    Unix is designed to be secure. Asking for your password each time a program wants to install is actually protection for you.


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    Agreed. That annoying feature is one of the main reasons why their are no OS X viruses floating around out there.

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    ok thanks

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