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    Mac to MAc file transfer
    Hello - I'm needing to know how to transfer files from my iMac to my MacBook Pro. I'm wanting to use Time Machine for the initial backup as well daily backups. I'm sure there some detailed settings involving sharing etc, I just don't know how to go about it.

    Thank you in advance for any input!


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    Welcome the Forum. So u want to keep both the MBP and iMac synchronised?
    Fairly big topic as there are a few choices - if u want to dump $10 into it, this is fairly comprehensive. Take Control of Syncing Data in Snow Leopard: Learn how to sync data between Macs, or with devices like the iPhone, iPod, and Apple TV

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    you should google "target disk mode." This sets your one computer to boot so it acts like a usb drive. you will, however, need to purchace a firewire to connect the 2 computers.

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