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    How do I transfer all my files/music/video on my XP laptop to my iMac?
    After persisting with a very slow and decrepit XP laptop, I took the plunge and went for Mac. I've only just started using my new iMac but I want to make some headway on transferring all my data across.

    Is there an easy way to transfer files? I have an external HD which already holds most of my music and I was thinking to just plug into the iMac and send the files across but can it be that simple? I don't want to install Windows via bootcamp because once everything is switched over that'll be it; and remember I only have XP which has been used and abused over a number of years!

    Can someone please help me before I make a costly error! I've had a look at other threads but I can't find a satisfactory answer.

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    You should be able to transfer the files by plugging in the external drive as you suggested. Since the external drive has most of the files you want I would try that first.

    The other alternative is to transfer the files via network. The following information is for Windows XP and 10.5 but it should give you an idea of what needs to be done. I know I have seen something 10.6 specific but cant lay my hands on it at the moment. File Sharing With OS X 10.5 - Share Mac Files with Windows XP

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    You can do it manually over a network if you feel you know what you are doing.

    If you are willing to pay $40 then there is software to make the whole thing easier
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