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Thread: Safari Search While Typing plugin?

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    Safari Search While Typing plugin?
    Hey all,

    Not sure where to put this exactly, but does anyone know of a Safari plugin that activates the Find On Page (cmd+f) feature upon typing text (like the Firefox option)?


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    I don't know if this is close enough to what your looking for to help you or not. I use a java bookmarklet to Highlight specified search terms on web pages. Here is the java script. Just create a dummy bookmark in your bookmark bar, right click it, and replace the URL with the java in the address section. Name it as you wish.

    javascriptfunction(){var%20count=0,%20text,%20dv;text=pr ompt(%22Search%20phrase:%22,%20%22%22);if(text==nu ll%20||%20text.length==0)return;dv=document.defaul tView;function%20searchWithinNode(node,%20te,%20le n){var%20pos,%20skip,%20spannode,%20middlebit,%20e ndbit,%20middleclone;skip=0;if(%20node.nodeType==3 %20){;if(po s%3E=0){spannode=document.createElement(%22SPAN%22 );;midd lebit=node.splitText(pos);endbit=middlebit.splitTe xt(len);middleclone=middlebit.cloneNode(true);span node.appendChild(middleclone);middlebit.parentNode .replaceChild(spannode,middlebit);++count;skip=1;} }else%20if(%20node.nodeType==1&&%20node.childNodes %20&&%20node.tagName.toUpperCase()!=%22SCRIPT%22%2 0&&%20node.tagName.toUpperCase!=%22STYLE%22){for%2 0(var%20child=0;%20child%20%3C%20node.childNodes.l ength;%20++child){child=child+searchWithinNode(nod e.childNodes[child],%20te,%20len);}}return%20skip;}window.status=%22S earching%20for%20'%22+text+%22'...%22;searchWithin Node(document.body,%20text.toUpperCase(),%20text.l ength);window.status=%22Found%20%22+count+%22%20oc currence%22+(count==1?%22%22:%22s%22)+%22%20of%20' %22+text+%22'.%22;})();

    Oops! Replace the frowning face with the characters "" without the quotes.

    Darn! It did it again. The characters are :&( without the & between them.

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    Just wondering, why do you need to have that functionality? I'm trying to think of a practical use to have such a plug-in, but I fail to see one. Could you describe the usefulness the plug-in would serve?

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    Why wouldn't you use the find feature? It does work a little different, but I think it's the same keys to activate it on Safari as it is in Firefox...

    Oops Sorry, guess I didn't read your question properly.
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