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    How to take a screenshot in Snow Leopard?
    How thanks? All of my google results come back "secret screenshots of Snow Leopard" lol from before it was released.

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    the same you did in leopard, tiger, panther, jaguar, and probably 10.0 and 10.1 haha.

    Command Shift 3 - whole screen
    Command Shift 4 - selection
    Command Shift 4 and then hit space bar - click on a window to snap a shot of that window

    next time, just google "os x" - basic stuff like this doesn't change with every update of the OS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnceYouGoMac View Post
    How thanks? All of my google results come back "secret screenshots of Snow Leopard" lol from before it was released.
    An old thread now, and you probably figured it out, but I'll put my 2 cents in.

    Preview > File > Take Screen Shot.

    If you use Grab, you have the additional option of "timed screen" (10 second delay) under the "capture" drop-down menu.

    When I use Grab, after I save the file, it saves it in .tiff format and I seem to always have to open the file in preview and re-save it to .jpg or .png if I want to upload it.

    Grab might save in other formats as well but I've been too lazy to check.

    You could use a format conversion utility as well.

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    I think this is easier:

    Command + Shift + 4 at the same time and you get you a courser with a can take screens of what ever area you like, whole page, small sections, etc. Try it!
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