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    external hard drive-macbook & pc
    Just got a macbook pro, will take me some time to learn my way around. we have a pc, that is hardwired to the router & the external hard drive (where all my pics & documents are), had no problem w/the macbook & the internet, found that w/out a hitch.

    how do I get the macbook to see & be able to use, save, etc the files on the external hard drive.

    Thanks so much!

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    As long as all of the computers are on the same subnet (192.168.1.X), and the directories on the external HD are set up to be to shared (via Windows I assume), then all you have to do is enter the IP address of the PC that the HD is attached to in a browser window and you should be able to see the shared folders.

    I know that you have to go to system prefs, sharing and choose share files and folders using SMB (Windows) on the Mac if you want to share the other way but it won't hurt to set it up just in case.

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    On my EX HD on windows I had a folder set as 'hidden' and I tried to find a way to make it un-hidden from the MAC and couldn't figure out how. So I had to do it from my PC. Can you make things as hidden on MAC like PC?

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