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    Hello everyone, long time Windows user. I am contemplating a switch, and to that end purchased a Power Mac G5 on the cheap. My current rig is a G5 1.8 with 1.5 gigs of ram, 160 gig HD and the Fx5200 card. My first concern so far is the fact that there seems to be nothing to be able to replace by beloved newsbin pro for binary downloading from usenet. I tried Unison, wasnt impressed. Is there anything out there that is close?

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    What exactly are you looking for? If it's a newsreader you want, then Thunderbird is a good choice for OS X since it's free and is also cross platform. There are other NNTP apps for OS X, but in my humble opinion, Thunderbird is hard to beat.


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    Im looking for something that will allow me to download binary files from usenet. Newsbin is amazing for its ability to work with rar's and such. Does OS X have anything like this?

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