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Thread: AppleCare Screwed Up My Macbook

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    AppleCare Screwed Up My Macbook
    I'm extremely frustrated right now. On Sunday I took my Macbook in to get the case and display bezel replaced because they were chipped. Normally this is handled in store, but they told me they'd have to send it out which I reluctantly agreed to.

    Today I went in to pick up my Macbook, and not only did they not replace all of the chipped parts of the case (specifically the bottom where there are long cracks by the hinge), but they also decided to switch out my main logic board, hard drive, and heatpipe.

    I know that one should always backup the hard drive before sending it in, but my hard drive was showing no issues, and I didn't even give them my admin password since they weren't even going to be looking at the computer turned on, just the cosmetic issues around the case!

    Furthermore, when I turned on my Macbook, there is now a curly hair-like crack in my LCD which wasn't there when I sent it out.

    This is the first negative experience I've had with Apple, and I am trying to figure out how to proceed from here before calling up AppleCare tomorrow to express my dissatisfaction.

    I'm trying to comprehend why they wouldn't call me to authorize the repair.

    And by the way, I did not initial the "I assume the risk that the data on my product may be lost, corrupted or compromised during service" section of the work authorization page.

    Any suggestions on how I should proceed from here?

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    You certainly had a bad experience. I would take the machine back in and speak directly with the store manager. Explain politely but firmly that you are dissatisfied with the repair and that unauthorized repairs and replacements were made without your permission. Tell him\her that you want it made right. Be sure to bring all the documentation you have regarding the incident.


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    i dont explain politely when the geniuses mess my stuff up. i have had several problems with my local geniuses. i belligerently explained to them that i shelled out a lot of money for a computer that has little to no problems and that i gave them even more money for world class customer support and that this did not reflect Apple's reputation and that i was going to go up there corporate chain of command unless it was fixed immediately. they said nothing and had my macbook fixed properly. $1200 is a lot of money for me to begin with. if that is chump change to you then you probably dont have to be so unkind as i.

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